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Borsalino Museum will reopen in Alexandria, Mayor Cuttica: “Certainly by summer.”

By summer, the Borsalino Museum will reopen in Alexandria. This is the mayor’s announcement Gianfranco Cuttica di Revigliasco during the last Culture Commission where the formalization of the Convention signed between the city and the Borsalino Foundation, which will manage the museum, relocated from the second floor on the ground floor of the building on Corso Cento Cannoni.

“I am particularly pleased,” remarked the first citizen of Alexandria as he presented the agreement, lasting 9 years “was not simple, A great organizational effort has been made. The University’s need to occupy space on the second floor had become apparent in 2015, which is why it was identified for the museum the area on the ground floor.It was then necessary to revisit the agreement entered into between the municipality and Haeres Equita because in 2019 the Borsalino Foundation was established and was available to manage the museum. Covid, unfortunately, has also slowed down the process. The City then tried, unsuccessfully, to acquire the right to use the interior premises of the Agora Condominium as a disengagement area. To overcome this impasse, however, the administration is willing to install an outdoor dehor, A bar service space on Cavour Street near the entrance of 30 square meters at most. In the new agreement, moreover, insurance coverage will cover the value of the building, 420,000 euros, as well as the furniture, 393,000 euros. In short, the revenue potentials are different from those projected. We will initiate a more cautious course at first, acting cautiously, with a less wide tourism reach at first. I don’t want to go any further on the reopening date, which, as mentioned, will certainly be by summer. At first it will be a soft opening, the museum will have to begin to break in and test itself, and it will be included in the opening schedule of other city museums. It will open on Saturdays and Sundays, with reservations available for schools during the week. In a second phase it will go forward on its own legs, expanding meeting opportunities, initiatives and events. It can become a venue for major events.”

“This is a very important moment for us,” remarked Sasha Camperio, Borsalino Global Communications Director, “wehave been pursuing this project for a couple of years, we are proud to do project in synergy with the city, and bring international attention to Alexandria which is the heart of Borsalino.”

“We thank the mayor for the clear and forthright explanation of the facts,” stressed 5 Star Movement group leader Michelangelo Serrathis museum is an asset and it is a great regret that it has been closed for almost 10 years. I hope that the mayor’s estimate of the reopening time is optimistic; the last ones were not met. Without a doubt, the museum is an asset to our community, a brand that would attract a lot of tourism.”

“An excellent result for our administration and for the city,” remarked Forza Italia group leader Carmine Passalacqua , “we hope that the opening of the museum will come soon. The Borsalino brand represents a boast for Alexandria.”

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