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Borsalino Museum joins Musei Piemonte – Valle D’Aosta Circuit

As of July 20, 2023 Museo Borsalino becomes part of Musei Piemonte-Valle D’Aosta circuit. Abbonamento Musei is involved in the promotion and coordination of cultural initiatives and events aimed at spreading and improving the knowledge and enjoyment of museums and the enhancement of the cultural heritage of Piedmont and other Italian territories. It consists of more than 400 museums and cultural sites in Piedmont, Aosta Valley and Lombardy.
Members of Abbonamento Musei Piemonte-Valle d’Aosta will have free admission to the Borsalino Museum in Alessandria upon showing their card.

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Grand opening in style

On Tuesday, April 4, 2023, the inauguration ceremony of Museo Borsalino, a project born from the collaboration between the City of Alessandria and the Borsalino

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